Sara and David:: Utah Wedding Photographer

I really need to get a lot better at blogging! I hate playing catch up. I'm sorry! These two are one of the nicest couples I've ever met! They're perfect for each other!


Mackenzie & Josh:: Utah Wedding Photographer

I couldn't help but smile and be happy, the entire time I was photographing this awesome couple! Beautiful day, beautiful people, and beautiful smiles! Really makes me happy!!

Bridal Shoot:: Utah Wedding Photographer

I always enjoy bridal shoots!


Where have I been?

Once again, I've been missing, but I promise I've till been in action. With the ACL tear and having to take things slowly, it's been a challenge just doing everyday things, let alone blogging. Thank you to those who have reminded to please update my blog! I have a lot to catch up on, but I think I had something that may be just what the doctor ordered, especially for me! I'll post a few pics right now, but rest assured, I have so much more coming!

Guess where I was?

I'll post more later, as well as some other great photo shoots that I've had recently! I'm really excited about these, and everything else!


Nichole- Bridals. Sneak peek!

I had a terrific time shooting some bridals today! Beautiful place called "The Castle". Really looking forward to this wedding next month. Gonna have a great time shooting with a great team of photographers coming with me!

The beautiful Isabella!

This is our beautiful niece, Isabella! She is a princess and has her daddy and brothers wrapped around her little finger. She has two older brothers who have been great models for us in the past. My brother in law, Timo, and his wife, Kim, have some beautiful kids, and we hope they keep them coming!

Family Photographer:: Los Angeles, CA

Got so much to catch up, but I'll take it steadily, and a little at a time! Gotta give credit to my wife for getting these photos done for me. This dang knee injury really set me off track, and is testing my patience. Thank goodness for a talented, and supportive wife! So, although it says photography by Maka, you have to know it's a team effort!