Atuaia Family Photos:: Utah Family Photographer

I'm a huge fan of "In the moment" photography. It's a good thing too, because trying to get these 2 little guys to stay in one spot for more than 2 minutes is nearly impossible. I had so much fun with the Atuaia family.

The sun seems to be setting so early lately. Starting family photo shoots earlier in the afternoon makes scheduling a little more challenging, but we finally nailed down a time that worked. It also happened to be the last day of "decent" weather here in Utah. Every day after this shoot has been so cold, and even a little snow, so we we're lucky to get this done!

I love the candid shots from this shoot. Capturing these moments and looking at them later when I'm editing always makes me smile!

Thanks for a great shoot guys!


Easiest Family Photos Ever! :: Anaheim, California Family Photographer

Truthfully, this really was one of the easiest family photo shoots ever! All of my subjects were very cooperative, and needed no coaching to look at the camera! LOL!

These are the kids of my dad's cousin Seleana! I don't think I've met a nicer group of kids. Very willing to ham it up for the camera, and give me their best smiles! Very well behaved. Must have some good parenting! It always makes it easier!

I really enjoyed meeting more of my dad's family, and taking their photos. Aren't they some good looking teens! Thanks for the great shoot guys! Hope to see you again soon!

Don, Tolu and kids! :: Anaheim, California Family Photographer

Meet my cousin Tolu and her family! It was so nice to be able to see them on our trip to California! I first met Tolu when we were about 7 or 8 yrs old. Her family visited us in Florida. I remember walking with her to the store and buying some candy! I also remember thinking "Wow, her mom looks a lot like my dad", lol! Up to that point I didn't have a ton of memories of meeting my dad's side of the family because I was so young, and they were mostly still in Samoa or Hawaii. I mostly just remembered my grandparents, so meeting Tolu was a lot of fun for me.

Through the years I've been able to meet more of the family at reunions and weddings. It's even easier now with Facebook and the internet! I was very happy to spend a little time with her family, but we definitely need to plan for more time on my next trip. Still thinking about the good food I probably missed at the house!

What a great looking family! I had a great time, and the location was more than perfect! Great choice Tolu! Thanks for having us!!


Twins!! :: California Family Photographer

Yes, they are twins! They've grown up so much. We took their photos for Christmas last year, and they were so cute back then, but they've grown even cuter now, since they can run around and show off their personalities!

These 2 were so full of energy, and just loved chasing the ducks! We had so much fun seeing them again, and we look forward to even more fun next year!

Timo, Kim and the boys:: California Family Photographer

Here we go! I have some mini photo sessions to post from our trip to California! We had a great time there and the weather was great! Well, it was great for us, but everyone in California, it was cold! LOL! It was t-shirt and shorts weather for us, but for them, it was time to bring out the coats and layered clothing!

In the photos above, you'll notice that some kids just don't have to smile to be cute! There is no rule about that right? What a great spot for photos! It's always fun to visit with Jeane's brother Timo and his wife Kim and the boys! By the way, Kim is my personal hygienist in California! I hate going to the dentist, but Kim is always so good to me! Thanks Kim!