Rashida & Benson Part II:: Utah Wedding Photographer

I had an engagement shoot with this couple a few months back, and it was freezing out, so we also scheduled a springtime shoot so we get a few more shots with a different look! We originally planned on going into the Provo Canyon and getting some nice shots at Bridal Veil falls, but we got there and it was closed to the public. Always have a backup plan. That's where my wife is so good. She mentioned a place that we checked out a few months ago, so we headed there!

Before we got there, I already knew the shoot was going to be a challenge. Noon day sun, and not a cloud in the sky. A challenge for me, or any photographer. Those conditions are not normally my ideal setting. No shady spots for even lighting. Just plain old bright sunlight! Anyways, with some creative thinking and assistance from my wife, and our new lighting assistant, Ben, we were able to get some shots that I think really turned out nice!

Next photos you see of these two, will be from their wedding day! Congrats you two, and thanks for the donuts! Thanks Ben for helping with the lighting. You're hired!


Kathy & Josh:: Utah Wedding Photographer

As a wedding photographer, naturally I'm around a lot of newly married couples! It's always interesting to see how they interact, but it's always great to see how they look at each other. I love to see how in love couples are when I tell them to look into each others eyes, or give each other a kiss. It was very apparent to me, while shooting this couple, how much they adored one another!

I had a fantastic time at this wedding. I was joined by two amazing fellow photographers, Aubrey and Sepa. If you know the two of them, than you can just imagine how much fun we had! At most weddings, I'm invited to have something to eat. It's just one of the perks of the job! Anyways, the food at this wedding was amazing! I even got a couple "to go" boxes so I could share with my wife and kids!

Well, congratulations to Kathy and Josh, and thanks for having me as part of your big day! More photos to come!


Hawaii- Days 5, 6 &7

Well, the past 3 days passed by so fast! I was able to make a quick post on day 1 of the competition, but our schedule was so crazy on the 2nd and 3rd day. I was barely able to stay awake by the time we got back to our hotel.

Great news! Our group won first place in 3 out of the 4 major categories they entered, and 2nd in the other! There were also a lot of individual winners in the solo competitions! Overall, our group from Japan was so happy. We had a banquet/party on the last night of competition to celebrate, and relax.

I was able to capture some great portrait shots of some of the ladies in the group. I also have some amazing photos of the competition. I'll be working on those later tonight, and I'm really excited to share them.

The first 3 ladies at the top of this post, are the group leaders, and instructors for this group in Japan. I've been so amazed at how well prepared and dedicated this whole group was! They deserved to win, and their hard work paid off. Spending the whole week with them, and practicing with them, we were able to form great friendships with a lot of them. I found myself cheering for them in all their events. I felt like I was cheering for a family member. We were so proud and happy for them as we watched them accept their first place trophies and prizes. I'm happy to have made some terrific friends!

Catching up

Sorry! The 3 days of competition were so intense and busy. We were there all day, and had late dinners. By the time I got to my hotel room, I would lay down and crash out! I have more to blog about so stay tuned!


Hawaii- Day 4... sorry no post last night

Yesterday was the first day of competition, and it made for a very long day. On top of being the drummers for the Japanese group that hired us, we were also hired on to be the house drummers for the competition. Explanation for those not familiar with Tahitian Dance competitions.

There are a few different categories that people participate in. The group categories usually bring their own musicians/drummers. In our groups case, they hired musicians (us) to come and help them perform. The other part of the competition is the solo category. Since not everyone can bring their own drummers, they have what they call, house drummers. The house drummers will drum for each contestant. It's kind of like the "house band" on American Idol. The same band plays for each contestant singing.

Well, there were over 200 entries in the solo category, and even with them going 3 to 5 at a time, it made for a long day of drumming. We didn't have dinner until after the competition was done, around 8:30pm. Dinner took a little long, and by the time I got to the hotel, I was ready for a nice sleep!

It's almost 7am, and we have to be at the competition venue at 8am. I'm just going to make this a quick post. I'll try to get more later this evening. This photo is of the venue we're performing at. The Waikiki Shell! Sorry, I have no time to do any editing with the photo. I'll have more soon!


Hawaii- Day 3

I went for a walk right before practice today, and took photos of things that I saw, and tried to make them interesting. I wanted to challenge myself, since I mostly take photos of people. I love to make people look great. It's so hard to make inanimate objects come alive. It's not my specialty, but I figured, I'm in Hawaii, and if I can't find beauty in things around me here, than there is no hope for me. I did my best, and I'm willing to share with you.

The challenge is ever present. I see beauty all around me here, and it seems so hard for me to capture what I see in my mind, with the lens of my camera. I'll keep trying while I'm here, but I don't think I'll be making the switch from people, to landscapes and anything similar. I just love to capture emotions like joy, happiness, etc...

No food photos today. Dinner was pretty simple. Just a plate lunch from Zippy's. Although it was simple, it tasted so great! I guess I can take that approach with photography. Find beauty in the simple things!


Bonus Photos from Hawaii...

OK, so I give in. Had to share some of my dinner from last night. I thought I've eaten Japanese food before, but I found out last night, that I have no idea! I know it was good, because I was eating with actual people from Japan, and they were loving it!

I had a few things I've never eaten before in my life. Some things tasted great, and some things I had to politely "choke down". It was mainly the little side things that my taste didn't agree with. If you notice the little white stuff on my Salmon plate, it just had this aroma that I couldn't get over. I only barely tasted it and had to chase it with my diet coke. Unfortunately, once it touched my chopsticks, the smell was there, and I would catch it every once in a while, when I was trying to enjoy my salmon!

It was a full course meal, and for the most part I loved it. I had to get the broiled salmon. I loved the miso soup, and the sashimi. My dad got the sukiyaki plate. The beef, onions, egg, and sauce all went together so nicely. Pete had the Tonkatsu (breaded pork cutlet). I think I saw it disappear in 10 seconds. Seriously, I've never been to Japan, but I'm thinking that this was pretty authentic.

I'm thinking no matter what, I'll blog about my daily meals, because, I'll admit that I just love food! While I'm here, I need to take advantage of all the food here, that I can't get in Utah!

Hawaii- Day 2

OK, so today's photos are focused on the actual reason I'm here, and what paid for my ticket, hotel, and all my food! LOL!

I mentioned already that I've been hired as a musician for a Japanese group that is competing here in Hawaii at a Tahitian Dance competition. Today was dress rehearsal, and I was able to sneak a few great shots! The costumes and dancing were all great! I've been very impressed with the way the group runs their practice so efficiently. They're also always smiling. I'm really enjoying working with them.

We had quite a long day of practice, and I didn't get much "tourist" time in. We did hit up a great Japanese restaurant tonight though. I'm still contemplating whether or not to post those photos. This isn't a food blog, and Japanese food is my wife's favorite. I don't want to risk making her feel like she's missing out. Hmmmm... maybe I'll just sleep on it! Good Night!


A couple bonus/random photos from Hawaii!

A couple things I've never seen before. A tin man with an attitude. Seriously, this guy refused to play anything while I was standing there. He was playing when I walked up, and when I took out my camera, he froze up on me. I even had a little tip ready for him! lol!

In the 2nd photo, I've seen these little birds everywhere before. Mostly in parking lots trying to get food. Normally, if you walk within 5 ft of them, they take off flying. I don't know how, but this guy, literally had them eating out of the palm of his hand!

Hawaii- Day 1

Ok, I'm dead tired, but I promised to blog daily, especially for my wife! Today was a great day. Scattered showers and tons of sunshine. I played tourist again during some of my down time!

I wanted to focus my photos on my dinner! It really made me miss my wife. When I first heard that we were going out for sushi, I wasn't sure if I should share this or not, because it's one of my favorite foods, especially sushi! This was one of those places where the plates rotate around on one of those conveyor belts, and you just pick up what you want. They count your plates at the end of your dinner, and the plates are color coded, and priced accordingly. It was a fun place to eat.

If you notice in the last 2 photos, there is one empty plate of sushi, and 2 pieces left on the other, in honor of my wife. She also loves Mochi ice cream, so I also saved her a piece of that too. I really wish she were with me tonight, but I hope she appreciates that I was thinking of her!

Anyways, I promise a different batch of photos tomorrow, but I really gotta get some sleep. Playing tourist really wore me out today! Goodnight!


Introduction to my 2010 Hawaii Trip

I promised my wife I would take a ton of photos. I figured I would blog daily, and post photos daily of my entire trip! Since I woke up so early, I decided to play "tourist". I guess I am, since I don't live here, and haven't been here since I was a teenager.

Went downstairs in the hotel, walked out to the street to take some photos of the hotel. I looked to my right, and to my surprise, I saw that the beach was about a block away! I took a little stroll and snapped a couple shots!

I'm only going to post one photo from this morning, because this is not the "official" Day 1 post yet. That will come later tonight after a full day of "photo ops"! Anyways, my morning was beautiful to say the least!

So here's my introduction to my Hawaii trip!


Well, I'm at my hotel in Hawaii. I'm here, not on a photography assignment, but for another passion of mine, music, and Tahitian drumming. I've been hired as a musician for a group from Japan competing here in Hawaii at a dance competition. They needed live musicians, so there are 3 of us from Utah, 1 from Florida (my dad), and 1 from California. I get to play some music, and drum for the group. All expense paid trips are always nice.

I've received a few emails from people asking if I might have any extra time for some photo shoots. I haven't made any promises yet, but I will know my schedule better after tomorrow. I hope to get some great photos while we're here. I'm really excited to be here, but I really miss my family! I'll try to post photos daily!


Graphic Design

I wanted to be sure to give credit where credit is definitely due! A little while back, we asked a friend of ours for some help. She is a very talented graphic designer, and we love her style. When she agreed to help with some ideas for a new logo, I was so excited! If you have any needs for graphics, or anything to do with it, please check out her site. She is super talented and has great rates for her services! Check her out here! Thanks Beka!

Tucanos:: Utah Wedding Photographer

It's so easy to take photos of beautiful people! This handsome couple, Rashida and Benson, are engaged to be married in May! Their first date happened to be at one of my favorite places to eat, Tucanos! Look forward to their wedding in May!