Introduction to my 2010 Hawaii Trip

I promised my wife I would take a ton of photos. I figured I would blog daily, and post photos daily of my entire trip! Since I woke up so early, I decided to play "tourist". I guess I am, since I don't live here, and haven't been here since I was a teenager.

Went downstairs in the hotel, walked out to the street to take some photos of the hotel. I looked to my right, and to my surprise, I saw that the beach was about a block away! I took a little stroll and snapped a couple shots!

I'm only going to post one photo from this morning, because this is not the "official" Day 1 post yet. That will come later tonight after a full day of "photo ops"! Anyways, my morning was beautiful to say the least!

So here's my introduction to my Hawaii trip!


Rina said...

Oh man that looks like heaven :) Great shot Maka, can't wait to see more!

Anonymous said...

I love this Maka...looks like a postcard picture. Great shot!

Dasl*it Photography said...

great photo Maka, reminds me of paradise.. love it.. have a great day..

BBC said...

are you on kauai? if so, i went to that bay too! love it there! hope you have a blast!

Myrn Photography said...

Next stop.. Tahiti! LOL Great shot Maka!!