Rashida & Benson Part II:: Utah Wedding Photographer

I had an engagement shoot with this couple a few months back, and it was freezing out, so we also scheduled a springtime shoot so we get a few more shots with a different look! We originally planned on going into the Provo Canyon and getting some nice shots at Bridal Veil falls, but we got there and it was closed to the public. Always have a backup plan. That's where my wife is so good. She mentioned a place that we checked out a few months ago, so we headed there!

Before we got there, I already knew the shoot was going to be a challenge. Noon day sun, and not a cloud in the sky. A challenge for me, or any photographer. Those conditions are not normally my ideal setting. No shady spots for even lighting. Just plain old bright sunlight! Anyways, with some creative thinking and assistance from my wife, and our new lighting assistant, Ben, we were able to get some shots that I think really turned out nice!

Next photos you see of these two, will be from their wedding day! Congrats you two, and thanks for the donuts! Thanks Ben for helping with the lighting. You're hired!


Fui said...

Great Pictures Maka! Fui

Tina said...

Gorgeous girl, gorgeous couple, great photographer!

Dasl*it Photography said...

Love the shots Maka.. My favorite one is the 2nd one, something about the way he's looking at her.. Love it