Elegance, style, class and beauty to match!

I've been very fortunate to meet some wonderful brides over time, and I just needed to make note of how great it was to meet Melanie and Tally, and to photograph their wedding! The wedding was so beautiful, but I was even more impressed with the bride.

The reason I say this is because I watch people while I'm at receptions, and I like to see how they interact. I am almost always within 20ft of the bride because I love to tell the story of "her" day. I know the groom is involved, but we all know whose day this is! LOL!

I admired how Melanie interacted with all of the guests at the wedding. Whether she knew them or was meeting them for the first time, she seemed to engage in genuine conversation, and expressed real gratitude to each of them for attending!

I was also impressed with how the bride and groom were involved in service activities in South America. It's really neat to actually meet people who do these types of things. Working with people who are so good looking, and seeing that they aren't afraid to get down and dirty, is rare treat! I had a wonderful time photographing this wedding, and I was able to try a few different things with my photography. It always makes my job easier to work with a very photogenic couple!


Sneak peek of Melanie and Tally's Wedding!

Beautiful bride to go with a beautiful wedding, with more beautiful images to come!


Nani's kids!

A good friend of ours recently had a baby girl. It was nice change of pace for her seeing as how she already has two little boys. We've been waiting to do this photoshoot for a while now, and it was a great time. Kids and infants are definitely my strong point, but Jeane always does a good job.

Nani and her kids were so much fun. Alema is just 2 weeks younger than our son Malachi so they're buddy's. Malachi was looking forward to this as much as we were because he likes to play with the boys! Alema had such a great time taking photos and playing, that he was knocked out on the couch before we left!

Kalei is such a pretty little baby girl, and you can see the special bond between mother and daughter. Thanks for such a fun time. It was nice just to hang out and laugh with you guys for a little while!


What's the story?

Well, it's a little hard to believe, with all the snow and cold weather, but spring will be here before you know it. Spring time brings more than just weddings for me. It also brings a lot of senior photos, and clients wanting new headshots. It's a great time of year because the natural lighting outside is so nice, and the sun stays out so much longer!

I really enjoy doing individual portrait sessions. I have a great time connecting with my clients, and seeing them get more and more comfortable with a camera in their face. I believe everyone has their own story to tell, and it's always my goal to help capture their story through the photos we get!

I think it's one of my favorite things about photography. Getting to know my clients, and helping them tell their story.

Can't wait to see what stories will be told this spring and summer!