Before they were stars!

I few entries back I posted some photos of me and the boys at recent music gig. I love music, and playing with these guys. Have you watche the "E" channel, and seen something where they showed what Beyonce, or Will Smith did growing up before they became big stars? Well I just want to share some photos and video of my good buddy now, because he's gonna be a huge star one day, and I want proof to be out there that I know him! Nah, just kidding. He's so humble, and I know he'll never forget the little people!

Jr. is currently working on a new CD and we were listening to some of it the other night on our weekly ride to go play volleyball. I already love it, and a lot of people have seen it on Youtube. I consider myself very lucky to be associated with Jr. Maile, and to be able to play music with him on a regular basis. If you have never heard of him, get used to seeing him around. He's pretty popular among Polynesian people and in the Islands, but he's gonna be real big soon! Check him out!!

Jr. has a wonderful family. His wife Mona is so genuinely nice, and he has two cute little boys! We love to see their family and hang out when life isn't too busy.

Just wishing the best for Jr. and his music. He's truly blessed and talented, and it's great to see someone working towards their dreams and doing what they love.

Remember though, I knew him before he was a star!!


reyesohana said...

I am one of Jr's biggest fans : )
Wish him all the best - he deserves it.

Mia's Mommy said...

that song is really nice. i like it a lot.

Spahulu Photography said...

Just wanted to thank you for your tips and just watching you in action was so much fun last night! Your flash definitely made a difference with some of my shots. Can't wait to see your stuff'! Thanks again:)

Lisa Johnson said...

OH MY GOSH!!! SHUT UP!!! You absolutely have to tell me when that CD comes out, b/c I want to buy one for sure! Is he still going to try and do a church CD? I am SOOOO excited!