This is the beautiful Jerusha, my younger sister. She has those great long, lavish lashes that I love to photograph.


adorable family

We had a great time taking photos of this new young family! What a perfect spot to catch the nice fall colors. Tristan was so adorable! He was in a great mood, and is very photogenic. We're still really enjoying this time of year, and all the family photos that we're doing!


#1 Announcement

In celebration of a new beginning with, "Photography by Maka", we would like to make a special offer! We are offering "Individual Portraits, Bridals, or Engagements" for $50.00 ($160 value), for a limited time.

Anyone who books one of these sessions before November 30, 2008, will recieve this special price! If you are interested, or know anyone who may need it, please email us, or send people our way!

We're so excited about this offer, and look forward to many new people!


Every once in a while...

We have the opportunity take photos of a lot of people, but every once in a while, we catch amazing images of truly amazing people. Don't get me wrong, we love the photos of all of our clients, but sometimes something really special comes a long! We had a chance to take some photos of some great friends of ours. Other than being a really beautiful family, and being really photogenic, they are also great examples to us in so many ways.

Michele is a fellow photographer who does amazing work (check out her blog), and she got some great photos of Malachi a few weeks back. She is a super mom with 3 of the cutest little boys. Kyle has a great sense of humor and is in the Bishopric in his ward. We consider them to be close friends and we had a great time capturing some great memories!

How come they're so photogenic? Thanks guys for asking us to do your photos!! Thanks for the treats at "DEW". Let's do it again sometime!


Fall colors

I really enjoy this time of year. We mostly take family photos, as the weddings slow down a little. I get to meet some wonderful families! We recently met this wonderful family with 3 really well behaved kids. They just got back from a trip to Disneyland. How fun!! The colors out right now are very nice, and I love taking photos at this time of year, especially of really nice families that are great to work with!


Big News, and Specials!!

Well, the new website will be up and running soon. In celebration of this new start, we will be announcing some new specials, and giveaways we will be doing very soon! Please stay tuned to see what's coming!!

Fun Latino Flavor!

I had a great photoshoot with Araceli, Ramon, and cute little Daisy! The weather was so nice, and the lighting was perfect. The colors this time of year are so nice.

Dasiy was being a little shy, but cute none the less. Don't you love her little boots?


sweet, sweet boys

We had the oppurtunity to take some photos of two very cute boys. Very mild mannered, and sweet. Malaki, the little one below, had some crazy blue eyes and the light caught his eyes just right.
Thanks for having us take your photos, and being so fun!


April... it's in the eyes

We've added some great work to our portfolio. Took headshots of April, she has beautiful eyes.

Thanks April! It was great to work with you. Let us know how you like them!!


New Headshots!

What a great subject. Alexa was fun to work with, and very easy to take shots of. The camera definitely agrees with her. I didn't have to take very many shots to get some great ones of her! Thanks for the photoshoot Alexa!



happy family of four

We've been friends with the Maile family for a long time now. It was so much fun taking their family photos. The two boys are so cute, and fun. It's easy to take photos of beautiful families. Thanks for being such good sports, and dealing with the cold and wind!!