Every once in a while...

We have the opportunity take photos of a lot of people, but every once in a while, we catch amazing images of truly amazing people. Don't get me wrong, we love the photos of all of our clients, but sometimes something really special comes a long! We had a chance to take some photos of some great friends of ours. Other than being a really beautiful family, and being really photogenic, they are also great examples to us in so many ways.

Michele is a fellow photographer who does amazing work (check out her blog), and she got some great photos of Malachi a few weeks back. She is a super mom with 3 of the cutest little boys. Kyle has a great sense of humor and is in the Bishopric in his ward. We consider them to be close friends and we had a great time capturing some great memories!

How come they're so photogenic? Thanks guys for asking us to do your photos!! Thanks for the treats at "DEW". Let's do it again sometime!


reyesohana said...

Ooooooooooo, I am soooooooo excited.
Thanks so much Maka. These are so great. I am thrilled. You are so talented. Thank you, thank you!
Have fun on your trip to Vegas!

Maka said...

Thanks Michele! It was all Jeane. She worked some magice, and poof... beautful photos of your family. I can't do it without her!!! It may have my name on it, but it definitely has Jeane's touch!

Ruth and Ammon said...

Wow, these people look so famous! Wait a minute, I think I know them. Wow, I feel cool already! Great job Maka! Wish we lived closer and I'd ask you to take our pics!!