Back in Action!

Well, things are starting get back to normal, but still life is crazy busy! The baby is now 6 weeks old and we're getting used to him! Before the pregnancy, my wife would accompany me on most of my photo shoots and we would shoot together. It became a lot harder the farther she got into her pregnancy and I would find myself alone or shooting with another friend. I really did miss my wife and all the help she gave me!

Just last week, she said, I need to start shooting again. Of course I encouraged to go ahead and do it. She works with some of the young women at church and she had a planning meeting with them. She decided it would be a great way to get back in to the swing of things if she just took a few shots of the girls after their meeting.

My wife came home very excited about the photo shoot and started editing right away. I love the photos she took. I had nothing to do with any of these photos because I wasn't even there. She shot completely manual and had perfect exposures in her photos! I'm extra proud of her and look forward to having my partner back for upcoming photo shoots! Although the photos have my little logo on them, they should say "Photography by Jeane".

Great job, and Happy 4th Anniversary today! You're the best wife and mother in the world! I love you so much and consider myself the luckiest man ever!


So Sorry!

I do have a lot of work I've been catching up on, but I also have a newborn that has required a lot of attention. At the same time I have a 2 year old that doesn't like to be left out, and a beautiful wife that I'm trying to make sure fully recovers from a C Section. All is well, but the blog has suffered.

I will make it up very soon! I've got a lot of work to post and a lot of work coming up! The family is good and I'm ready to roll! Please keep on coming back!



Fano Family!

Kids don't come any cuter than this! Cliff and Maile have some really cute kids! I spent about 20 minutes with the 3 older kids while they were getting ready for their photos, so we did magic tricks, played hot potato, and hit imiginary baseballs to China (I was cracking up with that one)!

I've know the Fano's for what feels like forever. Cliff and I used to live together with all "the boys" back in the day, so we have a lot of fun memories.

I really enjoyed this photo shoot and spending some time with this family! Thanks guys!


Life Happens!

So sorry about the lack of blog posts! Life has been a little crazy in our little home. We recently added a new little mouth to feed. Our son was born on August 17th. Little Elijah is beautiful little baby boy, and he's been the perfect addition to our home. His older brother Malachi loves to give him kisses and hold him!

Jeane is still on recovery road from a C section but I'm happy to report that she is doing well. Mommy loves her 2 little boys!

The boys have had visits from both sets of grandparents. Jeane's mom and dad were here the first week that Elijah was born. What a great blessing that was. Malachi did not suffer from any lack of attention. It seems that every time he went to a store, he got a brand new toy! Elijah got his fair share of the "loot" as well!

My parents were in town a week ago, and the "spoils" continued! Malachi really knows how to charm his grandparents, but I think my parents enjoy it anyways! The boys definitely have everything they need and more!

With all that has been going on, I still have a ton of work to catch up on. I have a lot of family sessions in the coming weeks. I am very grateful for all the well wishes for my family from friends!

Life happens, it keeps us busy, but life is definitely great right now! Photos to come soon!