Mr. Mckenzie!

Pretty handsome guy! Blake is graduating from Timpview this year and he is an amazing young man. Lettered on the HS State Champion Football Team (T-Birds for life), but he is definitely not the typical jock. I knew one of his high school teachers, and she always had great things to say about him. She said he is a "Sharp guy", not only in his dress, but his mind as well!

Blake is a man with some hidden talents. So hidden that his mom never knew. Out of no where this guys shows everyone that he likes to sing, and he is really good at it! Good looks, atheletic, braniac... is there anything this guy can't do!?

Well, congrats Blake! Good luck at BYU! I know your parents are gonna hate wearing the Blue and White since they're hardcore Ute Fans (BOOO!) LOL! We're all proud of you!

Mr. Peters!

Toa is one of those guys you just like to be around! He's a graduating Senior from Timpanogas HS, and as excited as he might be, his mom is just not ready for it! I know she's happy for her son, but she feels like he's just growing up too fast! Toa has really great parents and it shows!

A couple words I would use to describe Toa. Fun, Talented, Hard-Working, Loyal, and Trustworthy! In the past year and a half of knowing him, I've seen so much growth. We've had some good times just hanging out, and talking. He's my Burger King pal! We like to just sneak away and get a Whopper Jr. sometimes.

Anyways, I'm so happy for Toa and his family. Next big step in life is coming up quickly in the fall. Congratulations Toa, and good luck with everything in life!

ps... I can't wait for your graduation party!


How lucky am I?

On a recent photo shoot with these 3 lovely sisters, I realized how lucky I really am to be able to do what I love! We had so much fun! We probably spent more time laughing then anything else.

I knew two of these sisters when I was a teenager in Florida. They lived there for a little while and we were in youth together at church. We've recently reconnected thanks to the miracle we all call "Facebook"! Time has treated these sisters very well. We haven't seen each other for over 15 years, but I swear they still look the same!

Well, these sisters contacted me about a "Sister Shoot". I thought it was a fun idea, but I had no idea of the fun that I was in for. Seriously, hanging off the bars like a monkey? LOL! Anyways, I'm so happy to share their photos!

Really, how lucky am I?


The Loving Lautaha Two!

Where do people from Hawaii go on vacation? They come to Utah! Sound crazy? Not to these two! We had such a great time at our photo shoot! Vania and Sio were probably the most laid back couple I've taken photographs of in a long time! It's not that I always have crazy people, but you could really feel that laid back island vibe from these two!

Vania wanted to come and visit family and old friends here at BYU and she contacted me about a possible photo session. She mentioned that the only photos that she and her husband have together are one's where their arms are outstretched and taking it of themselves. I had to laugh a little because I see those all the time! :)

Anyways, these two are back in Hawaii enjoying the warmth while we're here having to live with snow in winter! What's up with the weather?

Well, thanks for the fun shoot guys, and send some sun out this way!

Jamie & Chad's Wedding!

What a perfect day (except for the cold, rain, and a little snow)! Jamie and Chad were a great looking couple, and they look so happy! I love taking photos when it's overcast outside, but it was a little windy too, but Jamie was a trooper. She said she didn't mind the bad weather so I went with it! Isn't she a beautiful bride? You would never know that it was about 30 degrees outside and wet!

The location for the reception was perfect too! I really had a wonderful time taking their photos! I actually had too many photos to choose from to post on the blog. I guess it's a good problem to have? Anyways, I loved this amazing wedding!