So Proud!

Well last weekend, Jeane went on a group photo shoot with Omi. Omi is a friend and fellow photographer who does some amazing work. Above and beyond that, she is an amazing person who is always willing to share her talents and wants to help everyone find their unique talents, and their own abilities with photography. She really is an inspiring person to be around.

Jeane has been looking forward to this group photo shoot for a few months now, and even though it was a little wet, and cold on the day of the shoot, nothing would keep her from going. Jeane doesn't like to drive to places she doesn't know, so she asked if I would drive her to the shoot. I originally planned to drop her off, and go looking at the stores somewhere else, because I knew there would be mostly women in the group. I also wanted this to be more of her own thing.

Well, she talked me in to sticking around and tagging along. She said the camera bag was too heavy, and since she's pregnant, I needed to help her ;)! Anyways, I was greatful that Sepa talked Kalani in to sticking around too. The whole time there, I just watched my wife go to town, and do her thing, but from time to time, I would make sure she was checking her light settings, and look at her photos. I was kind of like a protective parent watching their child's soccer game or something. It was fun to watch her and all these other ladies work!

It was so nice to meet some amazing people in the group! There is something about being around people who share the same passions and interests as you do! We had dinner at "Iggy's" after the shoot and it was so fun! A lot of great conversation, and more learning!

Well, thank you Omi for sharing your talents, and your wealth of knowledge. Thank you to the group for making it so fun, and letting me tag along! I'm looking forward to seeing the photos for the contest. I swear I did not help Jeane edit her photo entry. She spent the whole day working on it, and looking at it from every angle possible, and asking me a hundred times to look at it again, and again! LOL! I did tell her which one I liked, and she took it from there.

Please take a second to look at the photo contest and vote for your favorite!


sepa said...

jeane is so incredibly talented, and i still think she should be kindly and respectfully disqualified from the contest because she's already a pro photographer. i'd wish evil on her if she just wasn't so darn lovable, and related to me. :)

luv u guys!

Rina Lasi Photography said...

Congrats Jeane! I'm so jealous you guys got to go last weekend :( Unfortunately, I was out of town! lol The photos Omi has posted already look amazing!!

Mia's Mommy said...

saw the photo, and it was beautiful. tell jeane she did an awesome job. its just like her to spend all day working on something to make sure its perfect,and i'm sure it will pay off. you're so great for sticking around and supporting her.

Pri*Sila said...

What a great post Maka!!! It was so fun wasn't it?! Glad you stuck around.

Sepa, you're hilarious!

Dasl*it Photography said...

Sorry just got around to reading your post on this.. It was nice meeting you, and your wife at the shoot.. (Loyann if you dont remember) your right it was fun we should plan a photo dinner once a month just to chalk it up... LOL

Melejane said...

Hi Maka, great entry! It's amazing just be around people that have this love for the same one thing. I soo see great things come from you two, be it a tag team duo or not:-)