The Loving Lautaha Two!

Where do people from Hawaii go on vacation? They come to Utah! Sound crazy? Not to these two! We had such a great time at our photo shoot! Vania and Sio were probably the most laid back couple I've taken photographs of in a long time! It's not that I always have crazy people, but you could really feel that laid back island vibe from these two!

Vania wanted to come and visit family and old friends here at BYU and she contacted me about a possible photo session. She mentioned that the only photos that she and her husband have together are one's where their arms are outstretched and taking it of themselves. I had to laugh a little because I see those all the time! :)

Anyways, these two are back in Hawaii enjoying the warmth while we're here having to live with snow in winter! What's up with the weather?

Well, thanks for the fun shoot guys, and send some sun out this way!


Vania.Hearts.Sioape said...

Wow! Thanks for putting these up for us to see, Maka! They're great, and much, MUCH better than having one arm stretched out to take our own pics! :) We had a blast!!

Anonymous said...

Very nice Maka! She has gorgeous eyes! I laughed at the "arms outstretched" thing too.

Anyway, that last shoot was such a cool location wasn't it?! It's at a park in Glendale of all places. It was in their Peace Garden. So cool! You should totally check it out! 1060 South 900 West

sepa said...

great shoot, maka! love the colors, and your happy clients. xox

Alexis said...

The pictures are beautiful! I hardly ever get to see pictures of Vania so when she said you did a shoot for them, I had to see it to believe it. You did a great job.