Mr. Mckenzie!

Pretty handsome guy! Blake is graduating from Timpview this year and he is an amazing young man. Lettered on the HS State Champion Football Team (T-Birds for life), but he is definitely not the typical jock. I knew one of his high school teachers, and she always had great things to say about him. She said he is a "Sharp guy", not only in his dress, but his mind as well!

Blake is a man with some hidden talents. So hidden that his mom never knew. Out of no where this guys shows everyone that he likes to sing, and he is really good at it! Good looks, atheletic, braniac... is there anything this guy can't do!?

Well, congrats Blake! Good luck at BYU! I know your parents are gonna hate wearing the Blue and White since they're hardcore Ute Fans (BOOO!) LOL! We're all proud of you!


Dasl*it Photography said...

Great shots of both Seniors Maka, you making me a bigger fan.. Love it.. Yes my lil sister served in Florida.. She is sitting here she said you both played volleyball together on P Day.. If she's correct.. Small world..

Spahulu Photography said...

Tis the season for Senior photography huh! Love your head shots and how tight you have ur camera in on them:)

Lachelle said...

What a Handsome boy! :) Good job! You've got some amazing photography going on here!!

CindLu said...

VERY VERY NICE PICS!!! Not only is Blake a very handsome young man but a very very nice gentleman too. Congratz on your graduation and we love you!!!