Mr. Peters!

Toa is one of those guys you just like to be around! He's a graduating Senior from Timpanogas HS, and as excited as he might be, his mom is just not ready for it! I know she's happy for her son, but she feels like he's just growing up too fast! Toa has really great parents and it shows!

A couple words I would use to describe Toa. Fun, Talented, Hard-Working, Loyal, and Trustworthy! In the past year and a half of knowing him, I've seen so much growth. We've had some good times just hanging out, and talking. He's my Burger King pal! We like to just sneak away and get a Whopper Jr. sometimes.

Anyways, I'm so happy for Toa and his family. Next big step in life is coming up quickly in the fall. Congratulations Toa, and good luck with everything in life!

ps... I can't wait for your graduation party!


Mrs. Tini Mapu said...

Wow Maka you captured all my nephews wonderful features..hahah!! The chinky eyes...the goofiness...the wild hair..haha..and that handsome smile!!! Great job Maka!!

sepa said...

i second that. the portraits rock, maka.

Majik said...

Woohoo....this guys hot!!! LOL. Hopefully we can get this guy outta here before the modeling agencies come after him.....Good Job Maka!!!

Rina Lasi Photography said...

Awww I loooove Toa :) Can't wait for the party either, Maka! LOL