Group Shoot!

I think we've settled on a date! We're looking at August 15th. It's a Saturday. Please email me, or post and I'll send you more details. I think we have just enough to have a good time, and still learn a ton from eachother!



Off to a great start!

It's recently been brought to my attention that I need to blog more often. My wife has been telling me this for quite a while now, but it took a couple friends bringing it to my attention for me to make a better effort. Apologies to my wife for not listening to her, despite the fact that I know she is always right! ;)

Well, I've decided to be much better about blogging, and posting my recent work. I don't think it's going to be possible to post every photo shoot I do, but I will do my best. On occasion I do have clients that ask that I don't post their photos on the Internet, and I'll continue to honor those requests!

So, to start off with this new "effort", I thought I'd start off with a photo of this very handsome couple who got married yesterday! I just shot their photos, so I'm off with a bang. I have so much other work to finish as well. I'll have some more of their photos later, but I'll have some other blog posts in between!

For those who do read this blog and follow, thank you so much! I'm so appreciative of all the kind words, compliments, and support! I love photography, and I love creating beautiful memories for people. I'm also happy to share this part of my life.


Sunny Southern California!

Blue skies, 75 degrees, and a beautiful bride and groom! What more could you ask for? Picture perfect day for a great wedding! I love California weddings. I think I cover more weddings in LA than I do in Salt Lake? We're always looking for any reason to get out to some really nice weather!

Linzie and Tyler had a great wedding! Everything was perfect and their love for each other was obvious! So much support from their families, and an incredible love story. They met all the way across the world in Australia, at a friend's wedding! Funny how things work out when it's meant to be!

Congratulations you two, and best of luck with everything in life!


August is good!

I got a few posts, and a few emails from a good amount of folks interested in this group shoot. I think it's going to be fun. Due to wedding shoots I have and some out of state obligations, we're looking at scheduling the event in August, maybe the 14th or the 15th. Which one works best? Just let me know!

The other reason August is good... baby boy#2 will be in our home!!


Anyone interested?

It's been on my mind a lot lately. I'm not really the type of person to put myself out there. I'm usually content with just doing my thing and following my passion with photography. It's mostly been a personal thing for most of my life. One day I met my wife, and it kind of changed from there.

When I met my wife, she asked me for a few tips on how to take better photos. I showed her a few things and helped her practice. We would take a look at the photos she took, discuss all the things we loved about them, and then talk about what she needed to improve on. She loved it, and has really embraced photography. I have come to love her style and eye for detail.

My wife has really been encouraging me to share this with others. Inspired by Omi's workshops and dinner developments, my wife really felt that I have a lot to share. I never put much stock into it. The first thought that comes to mind, "Would anyone really want to learn anything from me?", "Do I have anything to offer?", and "Am I good enough?". I guess these are all natural questions that we may all ask ourselves at some time or another.

Well, I've recently had a lot of inquiries from other photographers who want to come along and "shadow". I've allowed a few, but not all. Like I said, I'm more of a "private" photographer, but I'm always willing to share. As I thought about it, I realized how helpful it would have been to me to have had someone "show me the ropes". I shot my first wedding when I was 16. No real idea of what I was doing, but it turned out fine, and the clients were happy. How much easier would it have been to have someone tell me about things I need to do and watch out for.

Since I have been thinking about it, I've decided that I will put myself out there. If there is enough interest, I have some great ideas for a group photo shoot. In my mind, it's more than just a "teach". We're all artists, and have something to add. We can all learn from each other, and have a great time.

I have in mind to do a half day event. Having shot a ton of weddings in the past few years, obviously that's my specialty. I like the challenge of a wedding, but I'll get to that in a different post. I would love to share my knowledge of wedding photography, but I also want a few different scenarios. Engagements, Bridals, Fashion, Children, Family Photos, all of it. I have some models available, but first, I need to know if there is any interest. There are a lot of photographers out there. Even if it's not your desired profession, and you just want to learn how to take better photos of your kids and family. Maybe you want to learn how to use this nice camera you just bought.

My vision would be to have a group that comes together to learn and share, rather than just come and listen to me. I love learning situations and gaining more knowledge from others experiences, and perspectives. The price of this "Group Shoot" is still to be determined. The cost would be minimal. Just need to compensate the models. It's not something I'm looking to make money from. At least not at this point. I guess we'll just have to wait and see how much interest there is.

Here is the question, "Anyone interested?"! Please post if you are. If there isn't much interest, than I'll continue doing what I do, but if there is... there is a lot do be done, and a lot to be learned by all!! I'm also open to suggestions and any ideas.


My favorite kid in the World!

I hardly have any posts on this blog with photos of my favorite kid in the whole world! This is my son Malachi! He is 2 yrs. old, he loves trains, and cars. He likes to watch "Bolt", "Finding Nimo", "Cars", and "The Incredibles". He knows his alphabet pretty good, and he loves to eat cheese.

We have a million photos of this kid (as do most parents of their own kids). He is always a willing subject and has learned to love the camera too! When he was about 9 months old, we saw that he learned how to smile for the camera.

Our son has brought so much joy into our lives, and he teaches us so much. This kid really, really, really loves his mommy! They are so close! When he wakes up in the morning, first thing out of his mouth is "mommy", and then he says "eat?".

For now, he is my favorite kid in the world, but we're expecting boy #2 at the end of August, so they'll have to share that title. There is plenty of love to go around!


Kelsey and Steve!

I believe this couple had all the ingredients to a fairytale wedding! The Bride: Nervous but beautiful and stunning! The Groom: Tall, dark and handsome, but a little goofy too (sorry Steve, but anyone who knows you, might agree with me). Loving family and parents! Great friends!Terrific weather. And last but not least, chocolate covered strawberries!

What a great wedding! Very easy to tell the story of this wedding day with these photos. I had a great time at this wedding. I was also fortunate enough to be joined by Alvin, Seini, and Corinna at this wedding shoot! They are all very talented photographers, and I was happy they could make it and that I could work alongside with them!

I think the only thing that would have made this even more of a fairytale wedding, was if the "Utah Jazz" would have played better in the playoffs (please see the jerseys their wearing as they're making their getaway)! Everything was beautiful and wonderful none the less!