Kelsey and Steve!

I believe this couple had all the ingredients to a fairytale wedding! The Bride: Nervous but beautiful and stunning! The Groom: Tall, dark and handsome, but a little goofy too (sorry Steve, but anyone who knows you, might agree with me). Loving family and parents! Great friends!Terrific weather. And last but not least, chocolate covered strawberries!

What a great wedding! Very easy to tell the story of this wedding day with these photos. I had a great time at this wedding. I was also fortunate enough to be joined by Alvin, Seini, and Corinna at this wedding shoot! They are all very talented photographers, and I was happy they could make it and that I could work alongside with them!

I think the only thing that would have made this even more of a fairytale wedding, was if the "Utah Jazz" would have played better in the playoffs (please see the jerseys their wearing as they're making their getaway)! Everything was beautiful and wonderful none the less!


{RL}Photography said...

Oi! I missed it :( lol They look beautiful!! I love your b&w but kinda sepia pics. :) AND of course the Jazz send off! hehe Awesome job Maka!


AhquinDESIGNZ said...

Sole these pics turned out awesome! Because I've been so busy with the wifey and baby I still haven't edited my shots of their wedding. This was such a great experience. It gave me the confidence to start doing my own weddings. I have two so far at the end of the year. Thanks again uce.

Dasl*it Photography said...

Beautiful pictures.. the bride is beautiful as every bride should be.. Her eyes tell the stories of her wedding day..
Umm can I follow you on a shoot? Would love the exp.

Mia's Mommy said...

you took great pictures maka.

sepa said...

looks like a great time was had by all. great job, maka!

Corinna See said...

These are great! I almost didn't recognize the bride because, by the time we got there she had changed into the jeans. She looked amazing in her dress, you really captured her beauty. I have a few images, mainly of the cake and kids with sparklers. If you want them, let me know! :)