Off to a great start!

It's recently been brought to my attention that I need to blog more often. My wife has been telling me this for quite a while now, but it took a couple friends bringing it to my attention for me to make a better effort. Apologies to my wife for not listening to her, despite the fact that I know she is always right! ;)

Well, I've decided to be much better about blogging, and posting my recent work. I don't think it's going to be possible to post every photo shoot I do, but I will do my best. On occasion I do have clients that ask that I don't post their photos on the Internet, and I'll continue to honor those requests!

So, to start off with this new "effort", I thought I'd start off with a photo of this very handsome couple who got married yesterday! I just shot their photos, so I'm off with a bang. I have so much other work to finish as well. I'll have some more of their photos later, but I'll have some other blog posts in between!

For those who do read this blog and follow, thank you so much! I'm so appreciative of all the kind words, compliments, and support! I love photography, and I love creating beautiful memories for people. I'm also happy to share this part of my life.


Dasl*it Photography said...

They are such a cute couple Maka.. What a couple to follow you around with..Love it.. thanks again..

AhquinFotoz said...

You know I had to be the 2nd comment. I can't wait to see the rest. Man they are one "prettyful" couple. Love it!

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Bruce and Mary Lee said...

Fabulous! We're looking forward to seeing the rest.
You were terrific to work with. Thank you again for your kindness and patience--important qualities in addition to skill in photography!
Mary Lee and Bruce

Mara (The Wedding Cabaret) said...


Lisa Johnson said...

Maka, when I get remarried (some day) I am for sure flying you to Texas so you can be my wedding photographer. You are SO TALENTED!!!