He likes it!

Actually, it's no surprise he likes apple juice. This is not news, he really loves to drink just about anything. He takes after me. I love ice cold drinks! His latest thing is water. He's always asking for water. He definitely takes after his mommy in that way. I don't like to drink water unless it's the only thing available!

Anyways, in the last few months, he has learned to open the fridge himself and grab one of "his" drinks! It's so nice to not have to get it for him all the time. It's also nice that he never goes and just opens the fridge to look inside and play with things. He also always remembers to close the door to the fridge too! We're really lucky with this kid. He's very low maintenance. Makes me nervous to think about what our next baby boy is gonna be like! We'll find out in about 5 weeks!


Lauren & Malosi!

What an amazingly beautiful young couple! Since I make it my responsibility to make the couple look as beautiful as possible, they really made it easy on me! I don't know how much better looking you can get? Is it fair when every photo you take of a couple is your favorite?

It was also very easy to see that these two are very much in love! I had a great time interacting, and laughing with them, and it really made my day. When I got home and uploaded their photos, I couldn't stop saying WOW! I'm still saying it as I post these photos!

Congrats you two! Thanks for having me be a part of your special day. I know it's killing you that you have to be in Hawaii right now! LOL! Have a safe trip, and we'll see you soon!


Sneak peak for Brooke and Kahili!

So excited about these photos! Literally... straight from the plane, to the car, and to the computer! How can you not be excited about photos of a beautiful bride! I had a great weekend in LA, working hard as always! I am the luckiest man alive, who gets to do what he loves to do!

So much work to catch up on, now that I'm back home, so stay tuned for some more amazing wedding photos! Good night!!


Sneak Peak... Lauren & Malosi

OK... seriously, my luck continues! Beautiful people make it much easier to take beautiful photos! These two make it look so effortless. Is it me, or is this bride absolutely glowing? I told Malosi that I don't often meet grooms who match how good looking the brides are, but he came close!
These two come from some great families! From what I've been told, they met in elementary school. He was her first boyfriend. The years passed, they went their separate ways. He served an LDS mission to NY. Came back, met up with her again, and that was it for him! By the way, the accent on "Lauren's" name comes on the second half, like "Ralph Lauren", or "Sophia Lauren". I kept making the mistake of pronouncing it the other way and sounding like an idiot! Sorry Lauren!

Anyways, these two have great things in store for them. Watch out for Malosi on the BYU football field! I hope he let's my son and I come cheer for him sometime! ;)!!

More photos to come. Congrats to the newlyweds and their families!

Michelle and Josh

I have the best luck! Michelle and Josh really are a handsome couple! Out of the 40+ weddings at the Salt Lake Temple on this day, I know for a fact that these two were the best of the bunch! It was also supposed to be raining on this day. In fact, it was pouring when I was driving up to meet them. As luck would have it for me (maybe more for Michelle and Josh), the sun came out, and we had perfect conditions for a perfect wedding and terrific photos!

I couldn't have been happier to work with Michelle and Josh. Makes my job so easy when people are great looking and photogenic! It even makes it seem likes it's not work at all! Just a click of the button on my camera, and magic happens! I'm so lucky!

I was also fortunate enough to be joined on this day by Alvin Ahquin and Loyann Finau. Two very talented photographers who made my day so much fun! Please check out their blogs if you have a chance!



Ok, having emailed and messaged most of you who are coming to the Group shoot, we've decided on having it on August 15th! I wanted to have it sooner but my wife wanted to make sure it was well planned and that we can really make it worth your time! Our baby is due on August 27th, and that's why I wanted it sooner, but when it comes down to it, she really is the boss.

The group spots are full, and I think we have just enough people to get plenty of learning and practice in. I wasn't able to fit everyone who emailed me and requested a spot, and I'm sorry. If this goes great then I promise to have another one! I just wanted to be sure that everyone who comes, really gets everything they can out of it! It takes a smaller number to accomplish this, but we'll see how this goes!

Anyways, please look forward to the 15th of August! If you received a personal email from me, and an invoice, then you are on the list! Please let me know if your plans have changed and I can give someone else your spot!!