Ok, having emailed and messaged most of you who are coming to the Group shoot, we've decided on having it on August 15th! I wanted to have it sooner but my wife wanted to make sure it was well planned and that we can really make it worth your time! Our baby is due on August 27th, and that's why I wanted it sooner, but when it comes down to it, she really is the boss.

The group spots are full, and I think we have just enough people to get plenty of learning and practice in. I wasn't able to fit everyone who emailed me and requested a spot, and I'm sorry. If this goes great then I promise to have another one! I just wanted to be sure that everyone who comes, really gets everything they can out of it! It takes a smaller number to accomplish this, but we'll see how this goes!

Anyways, please look forward to the 15th of August! If you received a personal email from me, and an invoice, then you are on the list! Please let me know if your plans have changed and I can give someone else your spot!!

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