LA Christmas Specials! 2009!!

As promised, here are the updated selections for the custom pre-designed Christmas Cards for our clients in California. Your session will include a choice of one of these designs with your family photo. You will get 20 5x7 cards with envelopes. Just let us know which one you choose at the time of your photoshoot!

Details for the mini sessions-

  • $160 Session Fee (due at the time of the shoot).

  • Location of your choice

  • 30-45 minutes

  • Includes up to 20 touched up (photographer's choice) digital images on a high resolution CD.

  • 20 Custom pre-designed Christmas cards with envelopes

If you have any further questions, feel free to call or email me. Sessions are almost filled so contact me soon to reserve a time that works for your schedule.

We'll be there on Nov. 2nd, and will be shooting from Tuesday thru Saturday. Looking forward to meeting those that have already booked their session!

Tali & Inoke's Engagements:: Utah Wedding Photographer

I love taking engagement photos! It's a fun time to take photos of two people obviously in love and excited for their big day! This was such a fun shoot. From the very first shot, everything was so nice and easy. Chemistry was definitely there and I think that made it so easy going and fun!

We were able to shoot at the Gardens, and it was a beautiful setting. Honestly though, I could have taken their photos anywhere and these two would have looked great! The weather has been a little cold lately, but we lucked out with perfect weather and shooting conditions. It was meant to be!

Tali and Inoke were so much fun to take photos of, and I'm really looking forward to taking their wedding photos in December! It was so nice to have my wife shooting with me again, and paying attention to all the little details. Rina and Alvin joined us as well! We had a great time!


Nikki's Bridals continued::Utah Wedding Photographer

Here are a couple more photos of Nikki. And this cute little guy is Nikki's nephew. I just love those blue eyes.


Nikki's Bridals::Utah Wedding Photographer

Probably the most fun I've had on a bridal photo shoot in a long time! Nikki is just one of those brides that is willing to do anything for "the shot"! Since she was willing to get down, dirty and wet, so was I! After the photo shoot, I got in my car with wet pants, and wet socks. I can tell you that it was well worth it! Once in a lifetime shots!

While we were shooting at the waterfalls, I overheard Nikki's mom talking to my wife and saying that Nikki is not someone you ever want to dare to do anything, because she will do it, and put you to shame. After our afternoon together, I believe it! I had so much fun!

Nikki has a rare combination of a fun spirit and beauty to match! She also had a great supporting cast there to help her with everything which always makes things easier. It was so great to have my wife along for the shoot again. It's been too long. She's the one I turn to when I run out of creative ideas, and she's paying attention to all the little details. Something I'm not great at. I found myself working my brain way to hard for the past little while in her absence! Now I can relax my brain a little and just shoot away, knowing that she's there to make sure everything looks just right! Aubrey also came along, which is always fun. Thanks for climbing with us and getting wet as well! Best assistance anyone could ask for!

It's always great when things work out just perfect when you're so worried because you have to make last minute changes. It was meant to be that we had our shoot the other day, and that we ended up where we did!

Thanks Nikki for being such a great sport, and for making it so fun! I think you look awesome in your photos! Looking forward to your wedding day!