Super Family of four

Super, Amazing, Fantastic, Awesome... I can't think of enough superlatives to describe this family. Timo, Kim, TJ and Joshua! Words can't express how much we love this little family, but I'll give it a shot anyways.

Timo is Jeane's 2nd oldest brother, and she has always described him as very kind hearted, handsome and popular. He has connections everywhere, and everyone loves Timo. If you need something made, ask Timo. If you need a hookup when you buy a car, Timo will know someone. He is also an "All World Softball Player", who is able to hit it out of the park every time at bat!

I haven't known Timo as long as Jeane has, but from what I know of him, I would describe him in the following ways. I agree with Jeane about him being kind hearted. He always lends a hand, and offers us a place to stay when we visit. We love staying in their "Palatial Residence", with amenities that would rival any 5 star hotel. When we stay there, Timo cooks us gourmet meals, for breakfast, lunch and dinner. My personal favorite is his noodles! Timo is a terrific dad, and Malachi thinks he's an awesome uncle.

Words to describe Kim would include, hospitable, kind, cheerful, thoughtful... I would also include courteous, thrifty, and obedient, but that would make her sound like a Boy Scout. She always seems to be prepared though. She has every needful thing for her little boys. She is so much like Jeane in so many ways. I think that's why they get along so well.

I know Kim to be a fun loving person, and a terrific mother. TJ and Josh have no worries or needs when mommy is around. Jeane is always excited to take Kim's photos, and is always commenting on how pretty and photogenic she is, and I have to agree. She photographs very well.

Malachi is closest in age to his 2 cousins TJ and Josh, so he always loves playing with them, and learning to rough house a little too. It will be fun to watch these little ones grow and be favorite cousins!

"Thanks for setting up this whole photography marathon for us. We enjoyed taking photos of you, your family and friends. We always look forward to visiting with you guys. Even if we only took 1 set of photos while we were here, it would be more than well worth the visit. We always appreciate all your family does for us. Thanks for being so great!"
Maka, Jeane & Malachi


The Glorious Guzman Familia!

We're on the home stretch of the last leg of this photo marathon! What a great time we had with the Guzman Family. Their choice of color was great, and the location was perfect!

We've known the Guzman family for a long time now. Jeane's brother, Timo, is married into this amazing family. Despite our best efforts in the past, we were never able to get everyone together for an updated family photo. It was do or die this time around, and we're so happy that we got to spend some time with this family to capture these timeless images!

The grandkids were so cute, and their parents are good looking too, but the prize goes to Isabel and Mario, for the best looking couple! It's easy to see that the good looking genetics were passed all the way down to the grandkids!

It's easy to take photos of great looking people! The camera loves this entire family! It's unfair for an entire family to be so photogenic! It makes our job much easier though!

We had a terrific time taking photos of you all! Thanks for a great day!

Pit stop for Love...

We've been mostly photographing families, and babies during this marathon, but we started our morning with a nice young couple. A great little break from having to get the kids' attention and chasing them all over the place!

These two "latin love birds" were very easy to work with. It's always easy to work with people who are in love, because you can catch real emotions, and feelings.

We tried a few different shots with a classic Mustang, and a new Mustang. I had a blast trying to get creative with the angles, and capturing images that are different!

We had a great time with you guys. Thanks for the little break and being so great to photograph!


Double the FUN!

Brent and Brian! Our first twin shoot ever! We were looking forward to this part of the photo marathon because we've never had twins before. These two boys are so cute. They're not identical but so adorably cute in their own ways.

Brent is the one with brown eyes. He was so strong, and he has some long lashes. His mommy says he looks like her family. We got some great shots of him from the first push of the shutter. He also has some cute photos of him all pooped out in the sleigh trying to catch some sleep.

Brian is the one with those crazy blue eyes. Jeane kept saying that he was flirting with the camera. What amazing color. He always seemed to be looking right at the camera, and knew when to show flashes of his natural charm.

All I know is that their mommy may have to worry about all the ladies chasing after these two boys, because all though they're double the cuteness, they may also be double the trouble!

We tried some shots with the softballs because both their mommy and daddy are talented softball players! We think it came out nice. We had a great time with this little family, and they were a perfect end to this stretch of the marathon day. Thanks guys!