Double the FUN!

Brent and Brian! Our first twin shoot ever! We were looking forward to this part of the photo marathon because we've never had twins before. These two boys are so cute. They're not identical but so adorably cute in their own ways.

Brent is the one with brown eyes. He was so strong, and he has some long lashes. His mommy says he looks like her family. We got some great shots of him from the first push of the shutter. He also has some cute photos of him all pooped out in the sleigh trying to catch some sleep.

Brian is the one with those crazy blue eyes. Jeane kept saying that he was flirting with the camera. What amazing color. He always seemed to be looking right at the camera, and knew when to show flashes of his natural charm.

All I know is that their mommy may have to worry about all the ladies chasing after these two boys, because all though they're double the cuteness, they may also be double the trouble!

We tried some shots with the softballs because both their mommy and daddy are talented softball players! We think it came out nice. We had a great time with this little family, and they were a perfect end to this stretch of the marathon day. Thanks guys!

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KIM, TIMO, TJ & JOSHUA said...

These pictures need to be entered into a contest! These two are so gorgeous!!! Great job capturing such cute moments for Nick & Jen!