Super Family of four

Super, Amazing, Fantastic, Awesome... I can't think of enough superlatives to describe this family. Timo, Kim, TJ and Joshua! Words can't express how much we love this little family, but I'll give it a shot anyways.

Timo is Jeane's 2nd oldest brother, and she has always described him as very kind hearted, handsome and popular. He has connections everywhere, and everyone loves Timo. If you need something made, ask Timo. If you need a hookup when you buy a car, Timo will know someone. He is also an "All World Softball Player", who is able to hit it out of the park every time at bat!

I haven't known Timo as long as Jeane has, but from what I know of him, I would describe him in the following ways. I agree with Jeane about him being kind hearted. He always lends a hand, and offers us a place to stay when we visit. We love staying in their "Palatial Residence", with amenities that would rival any 5 star hotel. When we stay there, Timo cooks us gourmet meals, for breakfast, lunch and dinner. My personal favorite is his noodles! Timo is a terrific dad, and Malachi thinks he's an awesome uncle.

Words to describe Kim would include, hospitable, kind, cheerful, thoughtful... I would also include courteous, thrifty, and obedient, but that would make her sound like a Boy Scout. She always seems to be prepared though. She has every needful thing for her little boys. She is so much like Jeane in so many ways. I think that's why they get along so well.

I know Kim to be a fun loving person, and a terrific mother. TJ and Josh have no worries or needs when mommy is around. Jeane is always excited to take Kim's photos, and is always commenting on how pretty and photogenic she is, and I have to agree. She photographs very well.

Malachi is closest in age to his 2 cousins TJ and Josh, so he always loves playing with them, and learning to rough house a little too. It will be fun to watch these little ones grow and be favorite cousins!

"Thanks for setting up this whole photography marathon for us. We enjoyed taking photos of you, your family and friends. We always look forward to visiting with you guys. Even if we only took 1 set of photos while we were here, it would be more than well worth the visit. We always appreciate all your family does for us. Thanks for being so great!"
Maka, Jeane & Malachi

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KIM, TIMO, TJ & JOSHUA said...

I was so sad to see you guys go! We'll miss you guys. Thank you for an amazing week. I am so proud of you & your work. Words can not explain how happy I am with all of them!!! Thank you & much love to the three of you. Hug Malachi for us & we hope to see you soon.