LA Christmas Specials!

We’ll be in the LA area Friday, Nov. 21st until Sunday, Nov. 23rd. There has been a lot of interest in photos, from a lot of families. Since Christmas time is right around the corner, we've decided to put Jeane's graphic art talent to use, and offer some Christmas photography, and cards in specially priced packages.

The sitting fee will be the same, $160. It includes 30-45 minutes, 1 location session, and all touched up negatives on High resolution CD. The bonus part of the package includes 20 5x7 Christmas cards with envelopes. You can choose from one of the sample designs above!

We have some bookings already so spots are limited. If you are interested email us at photosbymaka@gmail.com or give us a call at 801.830.9772.

More details to come.

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Mia's Mommy said...

we like christmas cards 6&7. so far malia's outfit is a red satin dress with white snowflakes. she'll probably wear a while sweater over it and white tights/shoes. i really wanted card#6 but do u think it'll look weird with her red dress? is it better to get the pics done first and then see what looks best?
we're excited to see you guys, cant wait to see malachi!
ps. i like "photography by maka."