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Beautiful custom design, hard bound, leather photo story books! Each photo book is custom designed by my incredibly talented graphic artist, who happens to be my awesome wife! We've been looking for a way to create these type of books without having to spend an arm and a leg to make them. Well, Jeane went to work on it, did some research, and sharpened her skills, and the end result is an affordable Photo Story Book!

Each page is custom designed (by Jeane) with photos of your choice. They're mounted on hard card stock, and bound with a premium leather cover! Very exciting! We've already had a great response, and filling orders right now. We have a few done so we took photos to show some samples.

These will be offered in a few of our wedding packages, or as add-ons. They won't be limited to just weddings. Jeane can create these books for just about anything. They would make a great family photo album. Much nicer than a plain old boring photo album.

Anyways... I am very proud of my wife for getting this together. Because she is able to design it, and put the whole book together, we are able to save money and pass the savings on to our clients!

Please email or call if you have any questions!

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