Cute family of five

So much fun! We had the pleasure of photographing this cute family of five! Juan, Cindy and their kids were so fun to work with! I think it's so cute when the little ones look right at the camera and smile on cue!

I could see the love between these two little boys during this shoot. They are so rambunctious while they're playing, but without much coaxing, I was able to catch a few moments that would bring a smile to any mother's face! These 2 boys just sat there, side by side, and acted like best buds forever! I love catching those moments.

We were also able to catch a glimpse of pure sweetness with their little angel of a sister! She was so cute when it was her turn to have the camera all to herself. Who would be able to resist those big dark eyes, and heavenly smile! She was so cute, and we had the best time photographing this sweet little girl!

Thanks guys for such a fun filled photo shoot, and starting our mini photo marathon out with a blast!

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KIM, TIMO, TJ & JOSHUA said...

Talk about capturing moments. You guys captured a million moments. Jeane the tootoo & flower look great! Maka & Jeane once again thank you for such lovely photographs. My sister I'm sure will want to print them all!!!