The Glorious Guzman Familia!

We're on the home stretch of the last leg of this photo marathon! What a great time we had with the Guzman Family. Their choice of color was great, and the location was perfect!

We've known the Guzman family for a long time now. Jeane's brother, Timo, is married into this amazing family. Despite our best efforts in the past, we were never able to get everyone together for an updated family photo. It was do or die this time around, and we're so happy that we got to spend some time with this family to capture these timeless images!

The grandkids were so cute, and their parents are good looking too, but the prize goes to Isabel and Mario, for the best looking couple! It's easy to see that the good looking genetics were passed all the way down to the grandkids!

It's easy to take photos of great looking people! The camera loves this entire family! It's unfair for an entire family to be so photogenic! It makes our job much easier though!

We had a terrific time taking photos of you all! Thanks for a great day!

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KIM, TIMO, TJ & JOSHUA said...

THANK YOU!!!!I LOVE ALL the pictures. You have such an amazing gift & we are so honored to have you photograph our family. MAKA & JEANE, YOU GUYS ROCK!!!