Ball of Energy

Little Jake was just a fireball of energy. Always on the move, and into everything he could get his hands on! He was a ton of fun to photograph. When I was able to catch him in a stationary position, I could see the most amazing eye color, and it made me even more determined to capture those amazing eyes!

We have a history with Jake. We took his newborn photos when he was about 4 weeks old, I think. He was much less mobile at that age, but a great photography subject nonetheless. He has grown so much, and we were so happy to hear that we would be working with him and his parents again! They are expecting another little boy, so little Jake will have a new toy to play with in a few months!

It was great to see you guys again! We had a ton of fun with Jake, and look forward to seeing you again!

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KIM, TIMO, TJ & JOSHUA said...

I love the one where Jacob is kissing his mommy!! So cute! Can't wait to see your next subject, he should be arriving in March & I'm sure he'll be just as cute as Jake.