Fantastic Fano Family!

We have been friends with the Fano Family for years! Actually, Jethro and I were roommates for a long time while he and Traci were dating.

We've been excited to take their family photos ever since they asked. Jethro and Traci have two adorable little girls, Ana & Penina. We got really lucky with the weather. The forecast called for cold and rainy conditions, but it was so nice. Warm, bright, and overcast. Overcast weather is a photographer's dream for outdoor photography.

Well, Ana was just having a great time running around and playing with all the beautiful leaves. I can tell she's been practicing her smiling too. Perfectly on cue with a cute smile every time! Jethro and Traci looked great too.

It's always fun to take photos of great friends. It makes it so much easier and relaxed. We're able to catch natural smiles, and feelings in these moments.

Thanks so much Jethro, Traci, Ana, and Penina for the great time. We're grateful for your friendship, and love and support. Thanks for having such cute kids to take photos of too!


Traci said...

You guys did a good job making us look good!!!lol Thank you so much for these beautiful pictures, you both are so talented!

slm said...

LOVE the vibrant colors in the photos! great job you guys. again, you 2 make a great team!

haley said...

traci looks beautiful!!!! you did a great job capturing their family!