Pit stop for Love...

We've been mostly photographing families, and babies during this marathon, but we started our morning with a nice young couple. A great little break from having to get the kids' attention and chasing them all over the place!

These two "latin love birds" were very easy to work with. It's always easy to work with people who are in love, because you can catch real emotions, and feelings.

We tried a few different shots with a classic Mustang, and a new Mustang. I had a blast trying to get creative with the angles, and capturing images that are different!

We had a great time with you guys. Thanks for the little break and being so great to photograph!

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KIM, TIMO, TJ & JOSHUA said...

These guys are so in love & it comes across these beautiful pictures. I remeber being that young & in love!!! I'm still in love just not that young!