Miss Mia

Mia's lashes are the envy of women everywhere! So long and dark. She is a truly beautiful baby girl! When we were scheduling her photo shoot, I was asking her mommy what time of day is Mia in the best mood? Her mommy's reply was "anytime... she is always in a good mood". With recent experience, I figured she was like most mommy's and figured that maybe she was a little biased.

Well... we had our photo shoot with her yesterday, and it was truly amazing! Mia smiled right when we saw her. She kept smiling and smiling and smiling! She was the cutest little subject! She was so happy, and never complaining about all the outfit changes, and different poses! She only needed one little break to eat a little, but she was working the camera so hard that she deserved a little snack time!

Mia has the most beautiful eyes and eyelashes. She also the perfect amount of baby fat right now. Her mommy bought her some nice little Christmas outfits, which were so cute, but we discovered that Mia needed nothing more than her pretty eyes, and radiant smile to create some unforgettable photographs!

Thanks so much for a great photo shoot! We love hanging out with you guys! There will be more photos to come!

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Mia's Mommy said...

They're beautiful! I have to admit when i saw the headband jeane made i wasnt too enthusiastic about it because i'm not a fan of the big flowers in general...but that color was perfect and the pics in the headband were some of my favorites of the whole bunch! tini and i were laughing at ourselves. after all the stress about the outfits they might not even make the card. her "bum bum" pix were the cutest ones! you're right, she doesnt need much. thank you so much for your hard work.