Mackenzie & Josh:: Utah Wedding Photographer

I couldn't help but smile and be happy, the entire time I was photographing this awesome couple! Beautiful day, beautiful people, and beautiful smiles! Really makes me happy!!

Bridal Shoot:: Utah Wedding Photographer

I always enjoy bridal shoots!


Where have I been?

Once again, I've been missing, but I promise I've till been in action. With the ACL tear and having to take things slowly, it's been a challenge just doing everyday things, let alone blogging. Thank you to those who have reminded to please update my blog! I have a lot to catch up on, but I think I had something that may be just what the doctor ordered, especially for me! I'll post a few pics right now, but rest assured, I have so much more coming!

Guess where I was?

I'll post more later, as well as some other great photo shoots that I've had recently! I'm really excited about these, and everything else!