More Fabulous Fanos!

Well, we've known the Fanos for a long time. I think I've known them for about 10 years now... right before Maria and Jr. were married. Now here they are with their 4 beautiful kids. I've had the pleasure of photographing these kids since the day they were born! They are so much fun, and photogenic!
We've been taking their family Christmas photos for the past few years, and we tried something new this year. We got so lucky with the weather. It was nice, and not too cold. We were scared it might too cold for little baby Sailiata. The 3 older kids obviously had a blast throwing rocks in the water and running around.

We really love this family. Jr. and Maria are always opening their home to us for the Holidays and other get together. Malachi loves to play with these kids the most. We see him around other kids, but for some reason when he plays with Gracie, and Toa, he gets so excited. I think he has a little boy crush on Gracie, because he loves to run and chase her. He likes to give her hugs and kisses too!
Well, we have some more photos to post, but I wanted to get this up and running, so this is just a little sneak peak! Things have been a little crazy trying to catch up since we were away so long!
Maria and Jr... Thanks for always being so kind to us. We love hanging out with you and all your family. Thanks for having some of the cutest kids in the world for us to take photos of. We love and appreciate you guys. We are so grateful for your friendship!

Maka, Jeane and Malachi


reyesohana said...

Awesome pictures Maka - and such a beautiful family.
I am so jealous of that first picture. We'll have to try that one next time we do family pictures with you. Fun, fun shot. Maybe you could teach me how to get that effect : )

Traci said...

Those are some great pictures, especially that first one!! Beautiful pictures, beautiful family!

Puanani said...

Hi Maka! Don't know if you remember me, but I met you through Ula Reid several years ago when I was a freshman at BYU :). Love your work!!

Ie Li said...

Maka, these pictures are awesome. I miss the Fanos.