ben, marie and kanoa

We did some engagement photos for Ben and Marie a few years back, and now here they are with their son Kanoa. What an attractive family!

Kanoa is about 6 weeks younger than Malachi and he is so cute. When he was first born, I thought he looked mostly like Ben. Now that he has grown a lot, I see a lot more of Marie in him. He still has Ben's hair though.

We had a terrific time taking their photos. Kanoa was being a little shy, but I don't blame him. It was a little cold, and I think he was awaken from a nice nap in the car.

Thanks for the great time guys!



Hi Maka and Jeane!

If I'm not mistaken...I think your dad got us tickets to Disney World on our honey moon ages ago! I will tell Nick you said hello! I would be thrilled to have you both in the class. I do get a majority of women at my dinners but I have a guy show up here and there! So, Maka you are more than welcome to come to! Either way I'm excited to have you guys involved. Please e-mail me your e-mail and I will send the invoice over. OMI@OMIPHOTO.COM!
Your work is wonderful! Look forward to talking to you both soon!

Anonymous said...

Wow- your photography is incredibly beautiful. Thats my girl up there and I think she looks like a model..but then again so do the other 2 guys! :) Thanks for the photos, they don't often have any for us and we live too far away to take pics of them!