Tali & Inoke's Engagements:: Utah Wedding Photographer

I love taking engagement photos! It's a fun time to take photos of two people obviously in love and excited for their big day! This was such a fun shoot. From the very first shot, everything was so nice and easy. Chemistry was definitely there and I think that made it so easy going and fun!

We were able to shoot at the Gardens, and it was a beautiful setting. Honestly though, I could have taken their photos anywhere and these two would have looked great! The weather has been a little cold lately, but we lucked out with perfect weather and shooting conditions. It was meant to be!

Tali and Inoke were so much fun to take photos of, and I'm really looking forward to taking their wedding photos in December! It was so nice to have my wife shooting with me again, and paying attention to all the little details. Rina and Alvin joined us as well! We had a great time!

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