He likes it!

Actually, it's no surprise he likes apple juice. This is not news, he really loves to drink just about anything. He takes after me. I love ice cold drinks! His latest thing is water. He's always asking for water. He definitely takes after his mommy in that way. I don't like to drink water unless it's the only thing available!

Anyways, in the last few months, he has learned to open the fridge himself and grab one of "his" drinks! It's so nice to not have to get it for him all the time. It's also nice that he never goes and just opens the fridge to look inside and play with things. He also always remembers to close the door to the fridge too! We're really lucky with this kid. He's very low maintenance. Makes me nervous to think about what our next baby boy is gonna be like! We'll find out in about 5 weeks!

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Mia's Mommy said...

that's so cute! he's a little man now. we think about that with mia too. she's such an easy baby, i wonder what the next one will be like. hopefully they all favor their dad more cuz mommy is too fussy lol.
we love u malachi! and we cant wait to meet the new baby!