Sneak Peak... Lauren & Malosi

OK... seriously, my luck continues! Beautiful people make it much easier to take beautiful photos! These two make it look so effortless. Is it me, or is this bride absolutely glowing? I told Malosi that I don't often meet grooms who match how good looking the brides are, but he came close!
These two come from some great families! From what I've been told, they met in elementary school. He was her first boyfriend. The years passed, they went their separate ways. He served an LDS mission to NY. Came back, met up with her again, and that was it for him! By the way, the accent on "Lauren's" name comes on the second half, like "Ralph Lauren", or "Sophia Lauren". I kept making the mistake of pronouncing it the other way and sounding like an idiot! Sorry Lauren!

Anyways, these two have great things in store for them. Watch out for Malosi on the BYU football field! I hope he let's my son and I come cheer for him sometime! ;)!!

More photos to come. Congrats to the newlyweds and their families!


Dasl*it Photography said...

The shots are the best.. Your the bomb.. Soo wish I was there to tag a long..

sepa said...

how gorgeous are these two? another great job, maka!

can't wait for the group shoot. :)

Setema said...

Wow! Fantastic job! I love the shots! It doesn't hurt that the couple is a good looking couple too :)

Great work Maka!