Jr. Maile @ Island Stylin Bash 09

I went to a concert last weekend to hear some good friends play some awesome music. Jr. Maile was there and he performed a couple numbers. The crowd was excited to hear him, and he gave them a taste of his new single that I posted about a few entries back. There was a lot of good music that night, and it was fun to see some old friends I haven't seen in a while!


Spahulu Photography said...

So lovin it Maka! Im so getting a prime lens with a 1.4...it seriously makes all the difference! I wished Jr. Maile played more of his songs..love his music:) Thanks again for everything, and if ever you need a 2nd shooter or don't mind bein shadowed on a shoot, I'd love to watch you in action. Hey are you guys going to the WPPI? If so let me know...this is my first time, but Im so ready for photography overload:)

Lyla And Company! said...

Hi Maka. you probably don't remember me but I am Annie Kaminski and Loni Finau Jones' sister from Pittsburgh, Pa! I was surprised to see your blog through Mona's! Jr. is my nephew! His dad and I are 1st cousins! How is your mom and dad??? I hope they are great and please tell them I send my love and hellos! Hope all is well for you! Love, Lyla