Mana Poly All-Stars

Talk about amazing! The headlining band last weekend was the Mana Poly All-Stars! They had the crowd rocking from the time they were introduced. They play some great music, and they're on the rise! I'm proud to say I know them and they are already stars!

They are more than just great music. This a group of really great and talented people! Each of them have their own little families, and individual lives dring the day, and they come together to create some really fantastic music. If you like to dance, or you like romance... these are your guys.

They are all so talented. You could probably switch them from instrument to instrument, and you wouldn't miss a beat!

I love doing wedding photography, but I really had a good time taking photos at this concert. I was just going up on the stage to get my shots, so I hope I wasn't in the way too much! It was a fun kinda rock star environment. I still feel a little aged, because as soon as it hit 10:30pm, I decided I got enough photos, so it was time to go home. LOL! 10:30 used to be the time things would be getting started back when I was much younger.

Anyways, these guys are awesome. Check them out whenever you get the chance! They have a list of upcoming events on their website. Thanks for the great music guys!


Niki O2afi said...

Maka, these pictures are absolutely beautiful!! Just looking at them makes me feel like I was at the concert. Thank you once again. We love your work & love your family!!


These are great Maka! I see we got some prime action happening! We were totally planning on going, but my youngest got really, really, REALLY sick so I was on mommy duty! Nick went for just a bit with the two younger kids....but seeing that it wasn't really a kid activity, they took off! BUT..anyway GREAT WORK!

sepa said...

maka, these pix are great. way to go! i'm wishing upon a tax return i get a prime lens soon. :)