Nani's kids!

A good friend of ours recently had a baby girl. It was nice change of pace for her seeing as how she already has two little boys. We've been waiting to do this photoshoot for a while now, and it was a great time. Kids and infants are definitely my strong point, but Jeane always does a good job.

Nani and her kids were so much fun. Alema is just 2 weeks younger than our son Malachi so they're buddy's. Malachi was looking forward to this as much as we were because he likes to play with the boys! Alema had such a great time taking photos and playing, that he was knocked out on the couch before we left!

Kalei is such a pretty little baby girl, and you can see the special bond between mother and daughter. Thanks for such a fun time. It was nice just to hang out and laugh with you guys for a little while!


Anonymous said...

These are great pictures of Nani and children! You do a wonderful job...of course it doesn't hurt that I have a beautiful sister, great looking nephews and a darling neice (and a handsome brother-in-law...can't forget Walter's part in all of this). Thanks for sharing these pictures!

Jennie K. Kalauli (Nani's older sister)

sepa said...

love the pix. great job, maka!

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Spahulu Photography said...

Nani's kids are adorable! The boys eyes are to die for:) Lovin' your images of MPA..it was so much fun to watch you in action that night. Thanks again for all your tips and help with my photog ambitions! I'm so excited for this Spring though! Take care.