Kathy & Josh:: Utah Wedding Photographer

As a wedding photographer, naturally I'm around a lot of newly married couples! It's always interesting to see how they interact, but it's always great to see how they look at each other. I love to see how in love couples are when I tell them to look into each others eyes, or give each other a kiss. It was very apparent to me, while shooting this couple, how much they adored one another!

I had a fantastic time at this wedding. I was joined by two amazing fellow photographers, Aubrey and Sepa. If you know the two of them, than you can just imagine how much fun we had! At most weddings, I'm invited to have something to eat. It's just one of the perks of the job! Anyways, the food at this wedding was amazing! I even got a couple "to go" boxes so I could share with my wife and kids!

Well, congratulations to Kathy and Josh, and thanks for having me as part of your big day! More photos to come!


sepa said...


Puanani Tuiolosega Tagoa'i said...

These are GREAT, Maka!!

Mia's Mommy said...

i love your photos maka. that cake is gorgeous and the food looks crazy good. now i'm hungy.

Myrn Photography said...

AWESOME! Great job Maka!!