Hawaii- Day 4... sorry no post last night

Yesterday was the first day of competition, and it made for a very long day. On top of being the drummers for the Japanese group that hired us, we were also hired on to be the house drummers for the competition. Explanation for those not familiar with Tahitian Dance competitions.

There are a few different categories that people participate in. The group categories usually bring their own musicians/drummers. In our groups case, they hired musicians (us) to come and help them perform. The other part of the competition is the solo category. Since not everyone can bring their own drummers, they have what they call, house drummers. The house drummers will drum for each contestant. It's kind of like the "house band" on American Idol. The same band plays for each contestant singing.

Well, there were over 200 entries in the solo category, and even with them going 3 to 5 at a time, it made for a long day of drumming. We didn't have dinner until after the competition was done, around 8:30pm. Dinner took a little long, and by the time I got to the hotel, I was ready for a nice sleep!

It's almost 7am, and we have to be at the competition venue at 8am. I'm just going to make this a quick post. I'll try to get more later this evening. This photo is of the venue we're performing at. The Waikiki Shell! Sorry, I have no time to do any editing with the photo. I'll have more soon!

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Mia's Mommy said...

the weather looks ridiculously gorgeous. you're so lucky! make sure u take care of your muscles when u get a chance! i can imagine how sore u must be after all that work! hope you're having a blast!