Hawaii- Day 2

OK, so today's photos are focused on the actual reason I'm here, and what paid for my ticket, hotel, and all my food! LOL!

I mentioned already that I've been hired as a musician for a Japanese group that is competing here in Hawaii at a Tahitian Dance competition. Today was dress rehearsal, and I was able to sneak a few great shots! The costumes and dancing were all great! I've been very impressed with the way the group runs their practice so efficiently. They're also always smiling. I'm really enjoying working with them.

We had quite a long day of practice, and I didn't get much "tourist" time in. We did hit up a great Japanese restaurant tonight though. I'm still contemplating whether or not to post those photos. This isn't a food blog, and Japanese food is my wife's favorite. I don't want to risk making her feel like she's missing out. Hmmmm... maybe I'll just sleep on it! Good Night!

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