Hawaii- Day 3

I went for a walk right before practice today, and took photos of things that I saw, and tried to make them interesting. I wanted to challenge myself, since I mostly take photos of people. I love to make people look great. It's so hard to make inanimate objects come alive. It's not my specialty, but I figured, I'm in Hawaii, and if I can't find beauty in things around me here, than there is no hope for me. I did my best, and I'm willing to share with you.

The challenge is ever present. I see beauty all around me here, and it seems so hard for me to capture what I see in my mind, with the lens of my camera. I'll keep trying while I'm here, but I don't think I'll be making the switch from people, to landscapes and anything similar. I just love to capture emotions like joy, happiness, etc...

No food photos today. Dinner was pretty simple. Just a plate lunch from Zippy's. Although it was simple, it tasted so great! I guess I can take that approach with photography. Find beauty in the simple things!


The Lautaha's said...

Wow! Are you here for Vacay? Or doing sessions?

The Lautaha's said...

Ahhh, just read your last few blogs...how fun! And looks like you're having a GRRREAT time at the Japanese restaurants. :)