Hawaii- Day 1

Ok, I'm dead tired, but I promised to blog daily, especially for my wife! Today was a great day. Scattered showers and tons of sunshine. I played tourist again during some of my down time!

I wanted to focus my photos on my dinner! It really made me miss my wife. When I first heard that we were going out for sushi, I wasn't sure if I should share this or not, because it's one of my favorite foods, especially sushi! This was one of those places where the plates rotate around on one of those conveyor belts, and you just pick up what you want. They count your plates at the end of your dinner, and the plates are color coded, and priced accordingly. It was a fun place to eat.

If you notice in the last 2 photos, there is one empty plate of sushi, and 2 pieces left on the other, in honor of my wife. She also loves Mochi ice cream, so I also saved her a piece of that too. I really wish she were with me tonight, but I hope she appreciates that I was thinking of her!

Anyways, I promise a different batch of photos tomorrow, but I really gotta get some sleep. Playing tourist really wore me out today! Goodnight!


{Ne} said...

Wish we were there. Miss you love.

The Lautaha's said...