Bonus Photos from Hawaii...

OK, so I give in. Had to share some of my dinner from last night. I thought I've eaten Japanese food before, but I found out last night, that I have no idea! I know it was good, because I was eating with actual people from Japan, and they were loving it!

I had a few things I've never eaten before in my life. Some things tasted great, and some things I had to politely "choke down". It was mainly the little side things that my taste didn't agree with. If you notice the little white stuff on my Salmon plate, it just had this aroma that I couldn't get over. I only barely tasted it and had to chase it with my diet coke. Unfortunately, once it touched my chopsticks, the smell was there, and I would catch it every once in a while, when I was trying to enjoy my salmon!

It was a full course meal, and for the most part I loved it. I had to get the broiled salmon. I loved the miso soup, and the sashimi. My dad got the sukiyaki plate. The beef, onions, egg, and sauce all went together so nicely. Pete had the Tonkatsu (breaded pork cutlet). I think I saw it disappear in 10 seconds. Seriously, I've never been to Japan, but I'm thinking that this was pretty authentic.

I'm thinking no matter what, I'll blog about my daily meals, because, I'll admit that I just love food! While I'm here, I need to take advantage of all the food here, that I can't get in Utah!


Saori said...

Hey,Maka! The white thing that you are talking about is "daikon=white radish". You don't like it, huh? I love daikon! In my opinion, it makes everything taste good :)

You're such an awesome photographer. I love your pictures. (Hey, your are also a good volleyball player, too! :)

Abish said...

WOW Maka! No words to describe your work actually. I just saw your shots of food, they're awesome. The exact shots we could have used for a client. I'll need to get my team's eyes on your portfolio.