Well, I'm at my hotel in Hawaii. I'm here, not on a photography assignment, but for another passion of mine, music, and Tahitian drumming. I've been hired as a musician for a group from Japan competing here in Hawaii at a dance competition. They needed live musicians, so there are 3 of us from Utah, 1 from Florida (my dad), and 1 from California. I get to play some music, and drum for the group. All expense paid trips are always nice.

I've received a few emails from people asking if I might have any extra time for some photo shoots. I haven't made any promises yet, but I will know my schedule better after tomorrow. I hope to get some great photos while we're here. I'm really excited to be here, but I really miss my family! I'll try to post photos daily!

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Ann Alisa said...

Hi Maka, Welcome to Hawaii! Can we do anything for you while you are here? We are in Laie.. you could stay in our spare room if need. Love the pics of Tali and Inoke!!! ALohA, Ann Alisa