Timo, Kim and the boys:: California Family Photographer

Here we go! I have some mini photo sessions to post from our trip to California! We had a great time there and the weather was great! Well, it was great for us, but everyone in California, it was cold! LOL! It was t-shirt and shorts weather for us, but for them, it was time to bring out the coats and layered clothing!

In the photos above, you'll notice that some kids just don't have to smile to be cute! There is no rule about that right? What a great spot for photos! It's always fun to visit with Jeane's brother Timo and his wife Kim and the boys! By the way, Kim is my personal hygienist in California! I hate going to the dentist, but Kim is always so good to me! Thanks Kim!


Dasl*it Photography said...

what a beautiful family.. Great shots Maka.

teinelds said...

Beautiful Shots of Tim's family Maka.