Easiest Family Photos Ever! :: Anaheim, California Family Photographer

Truthfully, this really was one of the easiest family photo shoots ever! All of my subjects were very cooperative, and needed no coaching to look at the camera! LOL!

These are the kids of my dad's cousin Seleana! I don't think I've met a nicer group of kids. Very willing to ham it up for the camera, and give me their best smiles! Very well behaved. Must have some good parenting! It always makes it easier!

I really enjoyed meeting more of my dad's family, and taking their photos. Aren't they some good looking teens! Thanks for the great shoot guys! Hope to see you again soon!


touchthesky said...

such a cute family!! great job Maka!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures! Now Maka come visit the rest of your dad's family here in samoa they are all photogenic...Hope to meet you soon.

Anonymous said...

get some more of your dad's relatives in Hawaii, so let us know whenever you in town...beautiful pics cousin!!